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Aerial view of Desenco facility in Akron, Ohio - Click to Enlarge

Overhead view of Desenco facility in Akron, Ohio

Turnkey ProjectsDesenco can provide turnkey rubber mold projects - Click to Enlarge

Desenco can work in conjunction with many of the leading press manufacturers to provide "Turnkey" projects that are tested and proven before coming into your plant. Desenco can provide the complete molding package.

Desenco can provide accessories like this K.O. Press and box - Clilck to Enlarge Accessories

In addition to molds, Desenco can design and build equipment to make your rubber molds more efficient such as this knockout press, which provides a faster means of part removal. We also design and build testing fixtures, rotating core bar or plate assemblies, "cold runner" or "cold pot" systems and many types of equipment for post molding operations.

On Time DeliveriesDelivery dates are assured with weekly scheduling meetings - Click to Enlarge

Delivery dates are of primary concern here at Desenco. A Monday morning meeting allows us to go over all jobs and determine what needs to happen during the week to meet each delivery as promised. After this meeting each customer is faxed or Emailed an updated report showing the status and completion percentage on each of his projects.

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