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ASTM standard molds by Desenco Inc. Akron, Ohio

ASTM Standard Molds Single cavity D3182 ASTM Flat Sheet mold - Click to Enlarge

Desenco produces a line of standard ASTM molds including D3182 "Flat Sheet" molds and D395 Compression Set Button molds. We also produce a "Spider" mold, which is used to test for flow and knitting properties of rubber compounds.

Two cavity D3182 ASTM Flat Sheet mold - Click to Enlarge

D3182 Flat Sheet Molds

Our ASTM D3182 molds are built to conform to the requirements of ASTM D3182. The cavities are carefully cut to a depth of .075 as specified in the specification. We utilize the "cutoff Bar Type" of construction, which will allow you to refinish the entire surface of the cavity withoFour cavity D3182 ASTM Flat Sheet mold - Click to Enlargeut concerns about the finish in the corners. Depressed areas are in each cavity to allow for the placement of the identifying tag. These depressions are .020" deep. Each cavity is engraved with the word "GRAIN" and an arrow. This is to allow the identification of the milling grain on the molded sheet. Our Flat Sheet molds are available in one, two and four cavity configurations, hard chrome plated and hinged.

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