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ASTM standard molds by Desenco Inc. Akron, Ohio

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ASTM Compression Set
Button Molds D395

Our Compression Set Button molds are built to produce the standard ASTM Compression Set Button per Method "B", Type 1. The molds are three plate type with overflows, hard chrome plated but not hinged and available in four and sixteen cavity configurations.

Four cavity ASTM compression set button mold D395 - Click to Enlarge16 cavity ASTM compression set button mold D395 - Click to Enlarge

Spider Molds (Rubber Flow Evaluation)

The original concept of the "Spider" mold was designed for DuPont over (50) years ago. We have modified the original design to perform with today's equipment and compounds.Spider mold - Click to Enlarge

There is no ASTM or other standard procedure for the use of the "Spider" mold. Each user needs to determine the functionality of the mold as it relates to his requirements. The mold will assist rubber compounders in the developement of their recipies by allowing a practical study comparing the flow characteristics of various compounds at various temperatures and pressures. This mold can also be used to check the flow characteristics of aged compounds comparing them to fresh material to determine the shelf life of the uncured compound.

Two different half round cross sections are provided with measurement "whiskers" for flow evaluation. An additional section provides a sample for evaluation of the knitting characteristics of the stock. This sample can also be used for micro-indentor hardness testing as well as tensile testing of the knit portion. Our "Spider" molds are designed for use as a standard transfer mold with its integral pot, or an injection mold with the addition of the inject bushing provided. Five different sized sprue bushings are provided for the transfer option. All plates are hard chrome plated and hinged.

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