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Precision Swiss CNC lathe

Swiss Turning Center

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Precision Turning Small and Large Parts

Q: What is a Swiss Turning Center?

A Swiss Turning Center is a machine originally developed in Switzerland to turn small precision parts for the watch and clock industry.

The unique concept of keeping the cutting tool stationary while moving the stock past it has proven superior to conventional lathes for small parts. The CNC controlled subspindle in the tailstock for simultaneous secondary operations and live tooling for cross drilling/milling provides a solution for machining of very small parts.

Desenco, Inc. can help you solve your turning problems from .015 through 18 inch diameters.

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Precision machined pins and cores made on Swiss lathe

These specialty mold inserts, cores, pins and machined parts were manufactured on the Swiss Turning Center above that can hold tolerances within .0002 of an inch.